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Changes to CarpentryCon 2020

We are very disappointed to announce that CarpentryCon 2020 will not be occurring as had been planned in June 2020. Here are the changes to know about: No in-person (or virtual) conference this year Due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, it is not possible or safe to hold an in-person conference in Madison this year. If you have already re... continue reading

Updates from the task force

CarpentryCon 2020 is a key networking and community building event in The Carpentries’ annual calendar. The program is filled with events that will allow the participants to network, build community and skill up their technical skills all at once. The event will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, in the United States and you do not want to miss it! ... continue reading

Registrations open

We are excited to announce that conference registration via EventBrite is now open. The conference is set to take place between June 29 and July 1, 2020 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA where we will be “Growing Inclusive, Computational Communities and Leaders”. The agenda will be filled with workshops, networking and community bui... continue reading

Design a t-shirt for CarpentryCon 2020

Bring your artistic skills to CarpentryCon2020 (even if you can’t attend) and submit your design for the conference t-shirts. Remember the theme is “Growing Inclusive, Computational Communities and Leaders”.

 Not submitting a design? Upvote the ones you like best!

 Deadline: 20 March 2020 continue reading

Submit your application to receive financial aid attend CarpentryCon 2020

In order to promote as well as grow inclusive, computational communities and leaders, we are providing a limited amount of financial support to facilitate participation at CarpentryCon 2020 in Madison. This financial aid is aimed at, but not limited to postgraduate students, early-career researchers and academics who are unable to fully meet co... continue reading

Call for Skill-up, Workshop and Breakout Sessions

The call for skill-up, workshop and breakout sessions is now open. Skill-up sessions are specific sessions intended to improve skills of participants in specific tools (e.g. Python, R, Git, etc.) or activities (e.g. community building, event organisation, etc.). Breakout session are discussion session with specific topics (for example Pytho... continue reading

Dates, Location and Theme Announcement

Thanks to the efforts of the whole Carpentries Community, we received a number of great suggestions/bids for CarpentryCon2020’s theme and venue. Many thanks to those who took time to suggest a theme or submit a venue bid. Read more about the theme and venue below and bookmark the CarpentryCon2020 website for additional updates. CarpentryCon 20... continue reading

Call for Themes and Venue Suggestions

CarpentryCon 2020 planning begins CarpentryCon has become the community tested and community approved networking and skills-building event for The Carpentries community. Its international conference last year, and the different CarpentryConnect events across the globe aimed at connecting regional communities have offered a common in-person plat... continue reading

Become a Sponsor

CarpentryCon 2020 planning is underway. It will only be possible with the generous support of businesses and foundations who support our mission of teaching foundational computational and data science skills to researchers to safeguard the future of sound, open, reproducible science. Why sponsor CarpentryCon 2020? CarpentryCon 2020 is the key ... continue reading