Become a Sponsor


CarpentryCon 2020 planning is underway. It will only be possible with the generous support of businesses and foundations who support our mission of teaching foundational computational and data science skills to researchers to safeguard the future of sound, open, reproducible science.

Why sponsor CarpentryCon 2020?

CarpentryCon 2020 is the key networking and community-building event of The Carpentries. Some of the brightest and most promising researchers and data scientists from around the world will meet to network, to learn about digital research tools, and the practice of reproducible, open science, and to further develop the coding, communication and project management skills research and industry are crying out for.

Without the support of sponsors who share our vision, we will not be able to deliver the event our community needs.

  • Help us keep registration costs low so people aren’t priced out of attending
  • Help us maximise participation by people from diverse geographies and communities, including the global South
  • Help us provide travel scholarships to allow as wide an audience as possible to attend By supporting us, you will help skill up the next generation of research leaders, people who will attend CarpentryCon 2020 to develop the skills needed to lead 21st century research, whether that be in academia or industry. This is a perfect opportunity to promote your products and services to these research leaders of the future. In return, we can promise you a number of benefits.


Your name, your product, your service can all be part of our event marketing. Get your logo on our website, our T-shirt, our poster, our conference slides, and on all our promotional materials, including social media and email channels. Leading sponsors will get conference time to air their messages, and will be able to send targeted emails to all delegates.


We will provide exhibition space to allow you to showcase your offerings and network with delegates during CarpentryCon 2020. You can demo products or services, give away swag, and start some great conversations.

Our audience

CarpentryCon 2020 diverse audience will include graduate students, early career researchers, senior academics, lab and project leaders, software engineers, people in the tech industry, and more. We expect people to come from all round the world to attend this signature event.

Finding people to join your company

Many graduate students and early career researchers make the jump from academia to industry. What better place to find your next staffer than at CarpentryCon 2020 where people have come along to grow and sharpen a diverse range of skills?

Sponsorship opportunities

There are many ways to support CarpentryCon 2020 - we are seeking:

  • Leading sponsors to support the whole event
  • Supporting sponsors to cover the many costs entailed
  • Travel sponsors to make it diverse, global, and accessible.

We are still finalising the details of sponsorship packages - contact us at to discuss the options.