Changes to CarpentryCon 2020


We are very disappointed to announce that CarpentryCon 2020 will not be occurring as had been planned in June 2020. Here are the changes to know about:

No in-person (or virtual) conference this year

Due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, it is not possible or safe to hold an in-person conference in Madison this year. If you have already registered for CarpentryCon, your registration fee will be refunded. We gave thought to a virtual conference as an alternative, but that too was not feasible due to a number of constraints. As the Carpentries team, the CarpentryCon task force, and the Carpentries community are all juggling new challenges and responsibilities in the face of the pandemic, we know that people’s capacity to organise and attend an event like CarpentryCon is far more limited, which informed our decision, especially as we would like CarpentryCon to be an inclusive, accessible event.

Online community sessions

We received many great breakout and discussion proposals for CarpentryCon 2020 that we still want to share with the community. We are investigating the best way to share some of this content virtually in June and July instead of in person. Once we have been able to contact presenters and agree on a plan, we will communicate any virtual opportunities to The Carpentries community.

CarpentryCon in the future

We still want to produce an in-person conference for members of The Carpentries community to meet, exchange ideas, and grow. Stay tuned for information from The Carpentries about the proposed schedule for CarpentryCon in 2021 and beyond.