CarpentryCon 2020 will be held at the UW-Madison’s Data Science Hub based in the Discovery Building. Participant will also have access to the Memorial Union Building on the shore of Lake Mendota, to socialize, relax, and dine. More information about Madison, weather, venue, visas and how to get there is available on the venue & travel page.

All conference spaces in the Discovery Building are handicap accessible. There is one gender neutral restroom on the main floor of the building. A lactation room is available for nursing mothers; if you plan to use the lactation room please let us know in advance so we can schedule it. Kitchen space (including refrigerator and microwave) is available for both nursing mothers and anyone who has specific dietary needs and would like to bring their own food. We have reserved several smaller meeting spaces on the main floor to serve as a quiet room, prayer room, and green room for keynote speakers.

All presenters will be mic’d. We are planning to have both ASL interpretation and live captioning for some portion of the conference; the extent of these services is still being determined. Please contact us if you have specific concerns or needs about this.

We are planning to provide a limited amount of free childcare. Please contact us if you need childcare in order to attend the conference or if it would make it much easier for you to do so.

There is a drop off point immediately outside the Discovery Building for cars. If taking public transit, there is a bus stop immediately across the street from the building if coming from Downtown/heading west and a stop one block away if coming towards Downtown/heading east. The nearest parking lots are Lot 20 or the Union South Garage (Lot 80). Both lots have disabled parking spaces that can be used by anyone with a disabled tag or license plate. See UW Madison’s Accessible Parking page and parking map for more details.

The conference dinner venue is handicap accessible; however, as the Memorial Union is an older building, it can still be tricky to navigate. One of the conference hosts has been to the Union and the conference dinner location on a wheeled mobility device and would be happy to personally escort anyone needing assistance.

As with all Carpentries events, all participants are expected to abide by the Carpentries Code of Conduct. There will be clearly identifiable members of the Code of Conduct committee at the conference, available for reporting and support.